The Art of Joy

If you have any inclination to good Hip-Hop, solid beats, beautiful poetry or just straight #dope word play you need to go grab Jackie Perry Hill’s new album here.  Now if you have some money, go buy it on iTunes.  Everything coming out of Humble Beast  is just freakishly good.  Also, if you missed it… listen up on Foreknown’s new joint.

Lip Service

Lip Service

Father we come to the table to ask forgiveness,
Our hearts are wicked, and our necks full of stiffness.

We call out your name as if we love you,
Talking about how Your the way and Your the one we turn too.
We read your Word and pray to Your Son,
Without truly recognizing that Your the only one
I pray that throughout the day,
That my actions, words, and worship
Bring glory to the one whom came down to live and pay

Father forgive me when I stumble,
And I’m left broken and astray
My flesh is weak and commanding
So many idols do I pray
But I come to you in repentance
Knowing that my heart services it’s master and it has so much to say.

Father forgive my lip service to you,
Each and every living day.